A couple receive more than $ 9 million in damages for a bike accident

A jury awarded more than $ 9 million in damages to a Vancouver man and woman who had a truck accident while riding bicycles on Interstate 84 of Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

After 5 days of deliberations in the US Portland Court, an 8-member jury confirmed late Friday that Excel, better known as DHL Shipping Company, was responsible for the August 3, 2016 incident. .

The judiciary recommended granting $ 1.3 million in economic compensation, $ 4 million in public compensation, and $ 4 million in punitive compensation in favor of Eric Motall, whose left leg was severely damaged as a result of the accident, while the judiciary recommended granting $ 400,000 in compensation to his wife Andrea Newman.

Motall confirmed that the medical team that supervised his treatment had considered amputating his leg, but ultimately decided to perform a total of six surgeries. Motal explained that he used to commute daily on the bike to go to work, but since then he can only use the bike on very short trips.

Motall was 31 when he and his 25-year-old wife spent a vacation in Oregon, where they camped in Columbia River Gorge and decided to go on a visit to Portland by bicycle along the Columbia River Road, but had to return to their camp via the highway.

Under Oregon law, people are allowed to ride their bicycles on most highways, except for some bicycles in Portland and Medford that the Oregon Department of Transportation has banned.

“Excel” lawyer Robert Barton said that Motall and Newman crossed the white line that separates the road for bicycles and the road designated for other means of transportation such as cars and trucks, and thus the truck driver could not avoid it. The lawyer also confirmed to the jury that the road section at that location was very narrow. “It happened because they were where they shouldn’t be,” the lawyer told the jury.

Eric Mottal expressed his shock at the lawyer’s statement as he confirmed that he does not plan to spend more money in the event that the company makes a judicial appeal.

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