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Baguli Friedman Injury Law Firm is Americans’ favorite law firm. Often times, people do not consult a lawyer for fear that doing so will be very expensive and complicated. At Baguli Friedman Injury Law Firm, we immediately dispel those concerns. Your first consultation is always free. In many cases (most notably injuries) our fees are on a probabilistic basis. Don’t pay us any fees unless we win your case. In those cases, fees are paid as a percentage of the money you receive.

Protect you

No matter how hard you face, Baguli Friedman will try everything to protect you. We have earned our reputation by undermining and defeating prominent and influential accused. We have the skill, resources and most importantly, the courage to protect you. Whether it is a workplace accident, a cancerous development, or poisoning from exposure to toxic things, psychological trauma resulting from a serious car accident, injury caused by a defective product, complications resulting from a medical procedure … all of these things can have a devastating impact on your life.

However, you can rest easy knowing that Baguli Friedman’s law firms will take care of all the legal work for you.

Our human resources

We have professional lawyers who make the most of the effort, have diverse legal backgrounds, and have the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve results in many different legal areas. They continuously upgrade their skills and meet regularly to discuss issues in their respective areas of practice and to ensure that amendments to the law are kept up to date as they occur. The staff in our office works as a fully integrated team, supported by a management structure that includes technology support and administrative services.


The Pagoli Friedman Foundation’s legal offices consist of personal injury offices and workers’ compensation pleadings lawyer offices. We have offices in Jersey City and Clifton New Jersey as well as in Hollywood, Florida. Our areas of practice include personal injury and manslaughter lawsuits that include motor vehicle accidents, rail / FELA injuries, workers compensation, wrong medical practice, home nursing abuse, drug claims, pharmacy, product liability, defective product claims and asbestos / mesothelioma / exposure to toxic and chemical substances And lead paint poisoning, fire-fighters and hearing loss claims for paramedics, environmental litigation including toxic molds, social security law and disability law, municipal courts and traffic offenses including drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, speeding offenses as well as offenses for transporting an overload By truck.

The offices of Pagole Friedman Trauma Law Firm are located in Jersey City, New Jersey with remote offices in New York, and Florida. The Baguli Friedman Trauma Claims Foundation focuses on the following specific areas of the law.

In such fields, the employees and lawyers of Baguli Friedman Trauma Claims are fully confident and able to represent you even with the most complex legal cases.

Power of lawyer to plead in personal injuries in New Jersey, New York and Florida

Due to our success in assisting personal injury accident victims, we have developed and expanded our law firms throughout the United States. Currently, Pagole Friedman’s law firm has a legal office in New Jersey, New York, Florida, and even in Australia. When you order the services of a Baguli Friedman law firm, you get more than just a personal injury lawyer. You get one of the best legal networks in the United States. Whether this is you or someone else you know suffers from injuries due to negligence from others in any of the cities listed below, contact Baguli Friedman Law Firm for a free legal advice today.


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