Ryan is one of the youngest rich YouTubers

If you are a parent or have children under the age of 10 living in your household, you probably already know the YouTuber Ryan Kaji, better known as Ryan. The eight-year-old boy is the star of the YouTube channel called Ryan’s World (formerly Ryan’s ToysReview).

Ryan Kaji currently has an estimated net worth of around $ 30 million. According to reports, he earned about $ 26 million through his channel in 2019 alone, after earning $ 11 million and $ 22 million respectively in 2017 and 2018. Even after four years of doing so, his popularity does not seem to increase each day only if its 24 million followers (and counting) are in order.

How did he do it?
He started his chain – or rather, his parents did – in 2015 when he was only 5 years old. It started as if he opened and reacted to toys. His parents simply filmed it while playing and having fun and downloaded it from the Internet.

After four months of that, one of his videos of him opening a giant surprise egg filled with toys went viral – and it was the start of his path to glory. After a year of making videos, his channel was so successful that his mother decided to quit his job as a high school chemistry teacher and devote himself full-time to the YouTube channel.

What about a “normal” childhood?

Although they are so famous – and wealthy, of course – Ryan’s parents try to make his younger and twin sisters live as normal a life as possible. They are very firm that Ryan should never feel like he is working. The goal from the start was to have fun and it always is. In fact, the only reason they started the channel was because Ryan himself wanted to do it after watching other kids online.

Currently, Ryan spends around 3-4 hours per week filming videos, which translates into content for around 30 videos in total. When you consider that his 3-4 hours of “work” consists mainly of playing with toys and having fun, it is not a rotten affair!

Kaji family

The Ryan’s World channel also offers other types of videos, including crafts, fun educational videos and science experiments. The whole family is also often featured in vlog-style videos. His videos are also available in other languages ​​such as Spanish and Japanese.

Apart from that, the family has their own separate vlog channel called Kaji Family. A lot of the videos on the two channels are pretty similar, but the second channel shows a lot more of his whole family. Her younger twin sisters, Emma and Kate, are also gaining popularity thanks to their brother.

What else

Ryan is growing up and he seems to be losing interest in the kind of content that has propelled him to fame and his parents have always insisted never force him to do anything he did not want. However, they were very clever in securing the brand they created. What started out as a little boy opening toys has evolved into something much bigger and more diverse.

They started a business called Sunlight Entertainment, through which they created a range of scenarios and characters. Ryan has also teamed up with several big names, such as Nickelodeon who gave him a show based on his current line of merchandise. This includes everything from toys and video games to toiletries and even underwear!

Wherever Ryan chooses to go from here, one thing is certain: his future is bright. We only wish the best for this dynamic young boy.