The 4 most important things about lawyers

There have been many changes in the field of law, but some of them have emerged strongly on the legal arena and imposed themselves. All these changes appeared with wisdom or advice that law firms must apply, which is the “mentality of relying on traditional methods on their way to completion” and perhaps the year 2019 and its changes in the field of legal industries It was a warning to fixed companies in their place, indicating an imminent danger of a complete change in the field of legal industries and their forms, and the year witnessed important phenomena that attracted the attention of all lawyers and workers in the legal field, and these phenomena include the following:

First, increasing customer expectations

During the year 2019, the idea of ​​savings among clients began to increase due to economic conditions, and this also applies to clients of law firms, and the client takes into account the possibility of accessing more than one lawyer in a simple and fast manner and this is what prompts him to think about less spending and expect more. Conducted by Altman Weil, 94% of law firms and firms already have knowledge that the market rules have changed, yet only 49% of firms have attempted to develop their approach and approach to confront the new phenomena in law, a rate that is considered frightening, which shows that more than half of law firms depend on Traditional methods of marketing its legal services. We are at the end of the decade and there are still law firms announcing ways to place signs on the streets.

Second: the trend towards digital services

Greg Valdino (a digital transformation expert) described the digital transformation as “reducing the gap between what customers expect and what companies actually provide” and based on research conducted by pwC (the second largest professional services company in the world) 80% of companies and law firms believe that digital transformation is a necessity They are necessary to stay in competition in the legal field. The research also showed that there are companies that have already started the procedures for digital transformation of their legal services provided, and this transformation came because of the companies ’belief in the principle of (innovate or die) and the digital transformation helped in facing the phenomenon of customer expectations in terms of cost and availability, as it is expected. The clients that the lawyer is available 24/7, and the digital transformation has helped them believe in that. Today, we see many clients communicate with their lawyers through WhatsApp, email, or any other means of communication, and the client believes that the lawyer who does not use these means is lagging behind the development that is taking place Around it.

Third: The growth in virtual law firms – providing legal services via the Internet

The name of the virtual law firm appears to be new in the field of law, but it began to appear and grow in 2019 and is considered a very smart move for law firms because it corresponds to the increasing expectations of clients about cost and availability. Perhaps the most important characteristic of digital law offices is the following: –

– The use of multiple brands: meaning the use of more than one name, all of them achieve one digital ceiling, and this is useful for the experience of service, prices and different business models without harming the name and reputation of the main office.

– Finding what distinguishes you quickly: that is, during your digital presence through your virtual office, you can search for the most raised topics in the legal field, see the questions that clients are always looking for, compare the services and different law firms in your office or company, and in the end access to the most profitable services

Easily employ skilled cadres: Through your virtual office, you can employ many skilled cadres that are difficult for you to obtain in a fixed location, as your virtual office allows searching in unlimited number of possibilities and resumes where you can hire lawyers remotely and test them without incurring the trouble of their salaries

Lack of operating expenses: Law firms and firms are considered one of the costly fields of operation because the salaries of most (skilled) lawyers are high, this is of course in addition to the basic cost of equipping the company, so the idea of ​​the virtual office is considered one of the most successful trends that have emerged in the field of law.

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